A life of endless trails

Writing has been at the core of who I am since as long as I can remember, but I’m sure many readers will empathise with the fact that modern life often leaves little time to settle  down and just….write. Even if time isn’t an issue, thinking about what to write can become almost as serious an obstacle to getting writing as finding the time to do the writing itself.

So I’ve decided to stop worrying about these minutiae and create the Endless Trails blog, which will chronicle all the adventures caused by that other dominant feature of my character, the incessant need to wander and roam. Over the years I’ve wandered throughout this sceptred isle we call Britain, but I’ve also gone far further afield, and this blog will be a celebration of all that I’ve found beautiful, inspiring and life-enriching along the way.

Wherever we tread in this wide world we move across a field of human memory tens of thouands of years old. The past is laid beneath our feet, and the future waits above us in the myriad stars of our galaxy. Every journey we take then, is an adventure through these interlocking worlds; every trail is endless.


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